We’re Having A…

Boy!  We had our official anatomy scan at last week at 20 weeks.  I was incredibly nervous about the results, but at our follow-up appointment the doctor said everything is developing right on schedule.  What a relief!  For now, anyway.  We’ll be doing monthly ultrasounds until about 30 weeks, then we’ll have twice weekly NSTs and BPPs to make sure baby boy keeps growing on schedule.  I’ll be nervous until the end, but I’m trying to really enjoy this phase.

So, in the spirit of celebration and enjoyment, I did something we didn’t do with either of my other pregnancies:  I made a special gender/name announcement!  The pumpkins were my idea, but Danny was the one who suggested we include our new baby’s older brother AND sister.  The result was beyond perfect -

Our Family


We’re very excited to be welcoming a new baby boy to our family.  I can’t wait for Derek to have a little brother to play with and for Danny to have another mini-me running around.  It took Danny and me a couple of weeks to decide on a name, but now, Gavin already seems like a part of the family.

It’s hard to believe that October will be over this week.  I honestly thought I’d be feeling 100% better by now, but unfortunately I’m still on the Zofran pump and there are many days that I’m disheartened about being so sick.  Hyperemesis really puts a damper on the pregnancy, and it makes milestones like anatomy scans, name choices, and gender announcements even more important.  I hope to be better soon, but until then, I’ll be thankful for the good days, and struggle with determination through the bad days.

Here are a few more picture we took this weekend:


The Second Announcement Option


Derek Was Involved in Everything

Baby Gavin at 21 Weeks

21 Week Belly Shot


Our Little Pumpkin

6 thoughts on “We’re Having A…

  1. Hi Heather! This is Ashley from BBC (I sent you a note a few months back when I saw we’re both expecting in March). Just wanted to say congratulations and your pictures are absolutely adorable. I love the colored pumpkins!

    Sorry you are still feeling sick, I hope that improves soon. I really have enjoyed reading your updates. When I’m going through a rough patch or worried about something, I think about all the strength you have and it honestly helps calm me down! Hope that does not sound strange, haha. Anyway, congrats on baby Gavin!

    • Thank you so much! It’s funny how those connections on BBC help us through different things. Sometimes I wonder how well I would have made it through losing Hannah without all the women I connected with on the loss boards. Such a great support.
      I hope your pregnancy is going well!

      • As well as can be expected! There are always nerves. Right now I’m being evaluated for preeclampsia because I have swelling in my hands, but my doc thinks all the tests will be negative. I try to follow your motto of “Today I am pregnant” and enjoy all of the little milestones I’m reaching.

        Happy Halloween! :)

        PS – I keep meaning to mention that my husband’s name is Derek. :)

        • Gosh, it’s always something, isn’t it? I hope your doctor is right and all the tests come back normal. It could very easily just be normal pregnancy swelling.
          Love your husband’s name ;)

  2. I was totally just going to leave a reply and say, all excited-like, that we’re due like a week apart!
    …Until I remembered that I MET you on our BBC Birth Board lol *face palm* DERF! Pregnancy brain…
    Anyway, I’m so glad to hear everything went well at your anatomy scan and you’re continually getting good news (except with your illness :/) about the baby and pregnancy. You are still in my prayers often!
    Congratulations on your baby Gavin! My husband and I found out we’re getting another baby girl and we are over the moon. What a blessing!
    Take care and thank you for your inspiration!

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